Associated Projects

  • The Northern Diversity Forum is an initiative in collaboration with the Diversity Reading List. The Diversity Reading List addresses the issue that women, people of color and other minorities are significantly underrepresented in modern Philosophy. It is the aim of the Diversity Reading List to address these inequaltiies “by helping to overcome their cause: the stereotype of the philosopher as a white male”.
    From the DRL website: “One way to help combat this stereotype and its negative consequences is to decolonise the reading lists used to support teaching, by including philosophical writings by authors from under-represented groups. Including those texts in your teaching can give your students a chance to read good philosophy written by scholars coming from different backgrounds, making it less likely that they will perceive philosophy as something that can done well only by white men. As a result, the risk of them experiencing stereotype threat or developing an implicit bias will be reduced.”
  • Another associated project is Minorities and Philosophy (MAP) – a collection of students in Philosophy Departmetns, aiming to examine and address issues of minority participation. MAP currently has 134 chapters throughout the world – and while primarly led by postgraduate students, MAP relies on faculty support and encourages undergraduate participation.
    “Through MAP’s network, students can exchange ideas on topics related to minorities and philosophy, meet and support peers, and learn from other philosophy departments. MAP chapters can choose to provide their respective departments with regular feedback on the department climate.” It is the aim of MAP to provide “a forum for students to discuss these topics and connect with interested peers” as well as to “to contribute to improved department cultures and [to] facilitate increased participation of underrepresented groups in academic philosophy.”

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